From ​Nuclear Tales​, and after a lot of work, sweat, and tears, we are proud to announce that the ​Out of the Box​ ​demo, is now ​available ​ on ​Steam​.


This new game from ​Randal's Monday ​creators introduces us to ​Warren, an ex-con witha gruesome past who just wants to run agoodlife, soheends upworkingas abouncer in the most exclusive club in town.


What ​Warren wasn't counting on, is that this new job will totally change his life. And it's our mission as the player. to make sure those changes are for the better, and not for the worst.


Throughout all ​32 days, you'll run into several different types of customers in the line. From classic drunk people to guys asking for some preference, or even some cops will also stop by. The actions we take int hose situations will totally dependonthe player. You can choose to ignore them, take their bribes, punch them...


As the player, you'll also have to keep in mind that not all characters behave the same, as we mentioned before, there will be plenty of different types of customers (people from different urban tribes, different races, different ages...) And of course there's also the VIP's. We'll have to be careful with the last, as they are the most important customers, and also the most spoiled. But our duty wont' be just to choose if the next customer gets in or not.


Sometimes our customers will be couples or groups of people. In this cases the way we interact with them is different. We can check their ID's to find out if someone's reached the legal age to get in or if someone is trying to slip you some fakeID. Depending on the day we are on, there will also be special occasions, passwords, or even concerts or themed parties. (Halloween, St. Patrick's day, Christmas...). And most of these special occasions will also have special rules for our customers.


Besides, at the end of each day we'll get to know a bit more about Warren's personal life. Being sometimes partially playable scenes, to give a little more variety to the gameplay.


The decissions we take during the normal gameplay and on the after shift scenes, will directly affect the storyline, sometimes in a slight way, and sometimes in a radical way. It will be the players choice to make ​Warren become a better man, or make him fall for the criminal life again.


We will also have to administrate the money we earn. There will be different concepts we can spend our money on (Rent, gym, meds, ​Warren ​ daughter's child support...).


The way you choose to play and the decisions you take will directly affect the storyline as there will be more than ten different endings.


Out of the Box is currently on its final developing phase, we are just including some finishing touches and making some final calibrations to offer the player the best experience.

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About the release date, it is not totally clear, there's still somework left andit all depends on how this final phase goes, but according to our calculations, this project will see the light at the end of this year's first trimester.


And last but definetly not least, here's the link toour brand new Steam page. There you can download our demo and leave us any comment of any kind.


We hope you really enjoy these new adventure we offer you! See you soon!!